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Menstrual Periods and Care | Mistake to be avoided

by Jun 9, 2020Health0 comments

Menstrual Periods and Care: In today’s topic, I will be sharing all those mistakes which are supposed to avoid during your menstrual periods. I know many points are already known to you. But there are many females who have recently got their periods for the first time and are not much aware of all the tips and tricks related to periods. So let’s have some knowledge about this topic.

Mistake number 1 to be avoided is:

You should always change your pad every 4 to 5 hours. There are many females, especially those with scanty periods think as their flow is less, so they don’t need to change their pad frequently and keep wearing the same for around 8 to 10 hours. Some of them think that if they have less flow then they can take the same pad for the whole day. That does not matter if they are having less or heavy flow, it is very wrong. Since their pad is dry they can wear the same pad for a whole day. So, such ladies need to understand either the flow is less or more still they should change their pad after every 4 to 5 hours.

What happens? Why the pad should be changed because as long as your pad is in your hand or in the packet, it is harmless but as soon as it incorporates your body and comes in contact with some liquid, the chemical present in that pad it starts spreading harmful bacterias and that immediately starts giving rise to numerous infection like a fungal or bacterial infection, etc. So wearing pads for a long time can be caught by these infections very easily.

Especially those females or teenagers who are experiencing menstruation for the first time should pay attention here that you should change your pad either it is clean or not after every 4 to 5 hours. This point should not be ignored in Menstrual Periods and Care

Mistake number 2 to be avoided is:

Clean your private part or private area. You should keep your private area dry. There is a myth that you should not wash your private area during periods but it is absolutely untrue. Cleanliness and body hygiene should be your first duty. And to clean yourself properly, you just need water. So, always wash yourself off with the water, and yes, you can take lukewarm water or warm water to clean that area but wash it properly and then pat yourself dry.

Make it a point that if your body part is wet, then it may give rise to humidity, which in turn, welcomes many bacterial and fungal infections, rashes, or any form of skin allergy or skin disease. It is recommended to always wash and dry your body part, especially your private area.

Mistake number 3 to be avoided is:

Always wear cotton undergarments. One of the most essential points in Menstrual Periods and Care is one should always wear cotton panties, especially during summer or your period days. In case you use any other material like silk or any other fabric then your private area won’t get enough oxygen and giving rise to humidity which again causes infection or skin allergies. But if you use cotton panties, your body will get enough quantity of oxygen it needs

Mistake number 4 to be avoided is:

Medicines for period pain. It is said that one cannot take medicines during your menstruation days. Our elders in South East Asia countries always forbade us to take any medicine no matter how much pain you are in and this is absolutely wrong. If you are undergoing any menstrual pain then please visit a doctor. When you feel severe pain it is called DYSMENORRHEA and medicine are available for it so it is better for you to explain your condition to your doctor and he or she will prescribe you better medicines for this. If medicines are available for this specific issue then why one should bear the pain.

Mistake number 5 to be avoided is:

Having chilled food items during periods, you should avoid chilled or very cold food items during periods because, during this time, you are facing numerous issues like weakness, mood swings or pain, etc. So it is better to consume lukewarm or warmer items so that your body gets comfort.

Mistake number 6 to be avoided is:

Escaping meals, you should avoid this during menstrual periods. One should not escape meals although if you don’t feel like eating anything due to pain or mood swings, but this is a huge mistake one can ever do to her body, as our body is already tired due to blood flow and pain and also facing weakness due to blood wastage. if we are not eating, then how would our body get the energy to survive? So my honest advice to all is either you feel like eating or not, it doesn’t matter just eat something healthy. You can take some light food or juices or milk or some dry fruits, etc as you like.

Mistake number 7 to be avoided is:

Avoid sexual intimacy with your partner. It is a request to all married females that to avoid any sexual intimacy with their husbands, It is known that in “Islam Religion” this is prohibited during periods. I think Muslim females are aware of this. And it is my humble request to all females other than Muslims that all should avoid it. It also has a scientific reason that when a woman is going through a menstrual period, there are numerous hormonal, physical, or psychological changes taking place in our body. And if you indulge in sexual activity, then it could cause various problems to females in the form of mood swings, anxiety, lethargies, etc. as well as your husband/partner could get infected.

There are some points as advised during Menstrual Periods and Care are here:

1. For reducing pain.

Turmeric milk is highly effective in periods of pain, it is also called golden milk you can use this to reduce your pain. You can use a hot water bottle on your lower belly area or back or wherever you are feeling the pain, you will feel relieved after some time.

2. For extreme mood swings.

You have observed that during this period you experience mood swings like depression, anxiety, happiness, or sometimes anger to without any reason. So to deal with this situation, keep yourself busy in some activity. You see, when you keep thinking about your extreme mood swings, you are not doing any good to yourself. My advice is to engage yourself in some work that you enjoy doing.

3. Don’t escape exercises.

During the menstrual period, you should do exercises don’t skip that. In fact, I have heard that those who face scanty periods or having very little flow Or spotting issues should exercise as it helps them to get regular periods. I think it will help them to regulate their monthly cycle and normal flow. But remember at the beginning of the periods means the first or second day of your period is extremely painful. Then you should avoid exercising and can opt for a low to moderate pace walk. And for sure you can take a complete rest. After 2-3 days, If you are not experiencing any pain then you can do normal exercises.

Well, these are some points which you need to be careful during your periods time


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